This Week’s Food for Thought Week 3

This Week’s Food for Thought – Week 3

Extremists Mimic the Wahhabi/Salafi Creed


The erroneous interpretation of the Islamic doctrines did not contaminate the Salafi/Wahhabi adherents’ minds only but has spread to other extremist groups. Members of the Muslim

Brotherhood, for example, mimicked ISIS ‘ violent acts of slaying parents, relatives and neighbors for transgressing. What is appalling is that the butchering and

the assassination of people has been for perverse reasons.


Some reasons can be for as little as selling groceries or cigarette packs to members of the political opposition in a neighborhood. These heinous acts orchestrated by the leaders of a Muslim Brotherhood umbrella cell called, The Syrian Islamic Front.


Although, The Syrian Islamic Front cell based in Zabadani, Syria, its operation reached large areas in Damascus, Syria. Among those slain in Zabadani were young teens, who were respected residents in the town. An account of some of the vile stories, the “Muslims,”

willfully executed, are posted on a Facebook-page, named: ‏لكي‏†‏لا‏†‏ننسى So We Do Not Forget,– ‏لكي‏-‏لا‏-‏ننسى

1796374500579101/. Check them out.


Muslim Brotherhood Cells Copying the Salafi/Wahhabi Ways of Butchering People


The Syrian Islamic Front, according to the referenced site above, has slain individuals, similarly to the Wahhabi ISIS’ death schemes in their territorial area.


Background on How it all Begins


In the Wahhabi creed, the killing of disbelievers is permissible. To kill a believing Muslim, who they feel is an obstacle to their political agenda, can simply be made by accusing them of being

disbelievers. For this, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab invented a variety of mechanisms by which such a Muslim or their communities can be charged and abolished.


The Ten Nullifiers of Islam and three other ways of contemplating a Muslim disbeliever are some of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab’s inventions. The three other means: Al-Reddah, Al-Bid’ah, and Al-Shirk considered next. For the Ten Nullifiers of Islam, please see Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab’s Ten Nullifiers of Islam,


The Three Mechanisms of Accusations for Disbelief


A typical Salafi/Wahhabi corruptive act of accusation for taking a

Muslim out of the fold of Islam done in one or more of the following schemes.

1- Al-Reddah: to accuse the person of rejecting Islam

after being a Muslim. Under this heading belong the various groups of Shias.


2- Al-Bid’ah, innovation: the multiple assemblies of mystic Sufis. See our article: Innovations: An Integral Part of a Muslim’s Life for details on this topic.


3- Al-Shirk: associate s other deity with God. This category includes an array of accusations that are too extensive to be addressed here. To express a few, see the following: using Democracy

as a governing system, philosophical ideologies, and varieties of arts and entertainments are all deliberated as Shirk (disbelieving).


The conditions of shirk named above, in the view of the Salafi/Wahhabi, do not comply with Sharia. I strongly recommend reading the book, “The Great Theft, Wrestling Islam from the Extremists,” by the UCLA professor of Islamic Law, Dr. Khaled Abu El-Fadl for an in-depth understanding of Sharia by mainstream Islam and the extremists. Examples of the Heinous Acts of Extremists in Zabadani, Syria (the birthplace of the author).


The leaders of the Syrian Islamic Front formed several cell organizations to carry out its corruption work. Cells to include assassins, spies, robbers, the so-called Sharia court, medical personnel, snipers, and weaponry.


Among the horrific acts reported by ‏لكي‏†‏لا‏†‏ننس‏†‏ى†, So We Do Not Forget, are:


Slaying Teens and Assassinating Noble People

An unknown number of throats slit, and homicides were committed in the name of Islam against the innocent. Related below are the stories posted on So We Do Not Forget.


The Butchering of Anas Burhan and Raid Quaider



Insert Image here


Court: Syrian Islamic Front’s Sharia Court

Defendant: Anas Burhan, 17. Birthplace: Zabadani, Syria

Offense: Selling groceries to members of a government checkpoint




The above shocking image, eyewitnesses the defendant, 17-year-old Anas Burhan as was butchered for the crime of selling groceries from his small shop in Zabadani. The rebel’s so-called Islamic Sharia Court ordered his execution approved by the chieftain of the Syrian Islamic Front, Abu Adnan Zaytun.

Anas Burhan was an orphan as well as another brother and a sister. His mini grocery shop’s income was used to help his mother care for the family. Both of Anas’s parents and grandparents were among the noble people of Zabadani. His father Uthman, grandfather and grandmother were part founders of a charitable establishment of Da’wah (inviting people to God, encouraging the doing of good and relegating the doing of evil). Slitting Anas’ throat can’t be committed by people that claim to be devout Muslims. Such acts have nothing related to God nor Islam. Instead, God tells Muslims in the Qur’an that the evilest of slaying a soul far exceeds, in its evil any other crime. It is as evil as the slaying of the whole humanity on earth. Can there be a crime worse than annihilating all humans from the face of the earth? This Islamic principle shows how much wickedness there is in removing a human soul, without a legitimate due process, not to reflect on God’s spell for the cruel, inhumane and uncivilized way Anas’s soul taken.


Similarly, Ra’id Quaider, 18, was abducted while on his way to buy bread for his family for breakfast. His abduction came as another

“Islamic Sharia” court order. His crime was selling cigarette packs to members of a government checkpoint.  A quick examination of the videos and images of the Syrian Islamic Front cells, one can easily gather that such an Islamic Front was composed of young, mad, power hungry, and immature “people,” whose anger and insanity are the true drivers of their motives, not religion.


Prophesying about murdering, but not knowing why the

Prophet Muhammad said:

“The Hour of the Hereafter will not come until a time comes where a murderer does not know why he commits the murder, and the slain does not know why was slain.”


Prophet Muhammad had indeed stated the truth. The Syrian Islamic Front and all other so-called “Islamic” cells in Iraq, Syria, Libya and “Islamic” operatives elsewhere in the world stand today to prove his prophecy.


Braking Peace Accord and Assassinating Negotiators


At one time the Syrian government and the rebels agreed to meet at a negotiating table (March 26, 2012). While the government ‘s negotiating team were on their way to the negotiating table in Zabadani, the so-called “Islamic Rebels,” broke the truce, orchestrated an assault on the

convoy, and killed General Ali Jamoul, the team leader.

The report states: Abd al-Rahim Khareethah and Abu Misaab Hamdan and Umar al-Maghribi, took positions from three different strategic points around the convoy and carried out the deadly assault. At the time of the attack, General Ali Jamoul was admiring several young children climbing about his armored vehicle. The so-called Islamic Rebels crossed a precious Islamic principle of keeping the truce and promise, destroying the chance to resort to peace and the preservation of lives. All such disruptions were committed for cheap, subjective political gains.



Similar to killing people for doing permissible trading, others were slain by such “Islamic Rebels” for being peace liaisons. Retired pilot, Ghassan al-Hajj Hamoud and the Director of the City’s Ordinance of Zabadani, Majid al-Tinawi, two prominent people, were assassinated before sunset in Zabadani, 23 February 2015.


Insert The video


The assassination of the peace messengers came about because the negotiations were about reaching a peace accord between the government and the rebels. Conceivably, achieving peace angered those who waged the “rebel’s” war to begin with. Consequently, acting on their master’s interest, the “Islamic Rebels,” orchestrated the murder of the two great messengers, shutting down the peace process.


Theft and Robbery

Hundreds of homes, shops, and other infrastructures, within reach of the “Islamic Rebels,” in Zabadani were objects of robbery and vandalism. To accomplish the theft, the “Islamic Rebels” would make up stories accusing the homeowner (s) of being pro-government, and/or plan false government attacks to get the residents to flee their homes/towns entirely. These stories provide them with ample time to rob, plunder and destroy the properties. When one of the residents, Iman Burhan, complained to a rebel patrol about the theft of her furniture from her house, his reply was: “The furniture was collected based on a court order.” She asked why the court order issued? His response was: “They heard that you were on the side of the [Syrian] government.”


Such burglaries were not made to obtain essential needs of food.  Robbers collected everything on the property. Homes were left empty. Anything could be detached and carried away taken. Houses went like skeletons; only walls and ceilings remained. Items hauled away included furniture, appliances, accessories, electronic devices, food, valuables, and clothes. Construction installations such as doors, windows, stoves, air conditioners, plumbing fixtures, sinks and cabinets, electrical lighting fixtures, sockets and switches, and copper wiring were all pulled out of the concrete walls. It seems that throughout the six-years of the “Islamic Rebels ‘ ” existence, their members were working hard at robbing and vandalizing people’s property, and destroying the city’s infrastructure.


Murdering the Injured

Among the “Rebel” cells, was a medical cell, staffed by their physicians. Dr. Abd al-Hamid al-Ghayber, one of the physicians, noticed that several of the patients they receive d in the medical cell died after being treated with an injection. Apparently, the cell’s medical staff discovered that Dr. Abd al-Hamid al-Ghayber was questioning why the patients were dying. Dr. Abd al-Hamid al-Ghayber feared for his own life when the medical staff learned about his concern, and soon he escaped the area. The narrator states, “It was only his quick thinking that saved his life.”


Prophet Muhammad ‘s Warning

The Prophet Muhammad (p) warned of such an evil time saying:


“The Hereafter will not come until the killer kills not knowing why he

killed, and the murdered slain, not knowing why was murdered.” -Muslim


The Exposure of the “Islamic Rebel” Atrocities

‏لكي‏†‏لا‏†‏ننسى”, So We Do Not Forget ” A Facebook page recently published by dismayed and frustrated members of the same umbrella cell, The Syrian Islamic Front, to disclose the cell’s suspicious and inhuman activities. This page released shortly after the cell’s leadership depart ed Zabadani and ended the violence, but only after receiving a USD 25 million payment. Abu Adnan Zaytune, actual name Muhammad Adnan Zaytun (b. 1977), and Abu Misaab Hamdan real name Usamah Hamdan (b. 1963), long-time active members of the Muslim

Brotherhood, along with their supporters left Zabadani for Edlib, Syria in July 2017.


The departure highlighted is the “Rebel” s resistance to peace which vanished with the sum of USD 25 million. This sum was paid to the “Islamic Rebels ” leaders as ransom in exchange for releasing 18 high ranking Qatari hostages held in Iraq by the extremists there.


Insert Video- Iraqi Minister


Just part of their political revolt is thousands of dead souls in the city, thousands of ruined families, homes and businesses. But the direct or indirect impact of suffering and calamity to millions of people in and out of Syria is something that can never be determined.


Throughout, the politically motivated Muslim Brotherhood’s revolt in Syria, with the motto “Save Islam,” their actions were exposed. They have loudly violated the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and gravely harmed the image of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood cells throughout Syria inflicted untold destruction and damage, and destroyed infrastructure; inflicting pain and sorrow on millions of Syrians as well as other nations around the world. These actions were destructive and did not save Islam nor Muslims, rather desecrated the core values and spirit of Islam.