This Week’s Food for Thought Week 2

This Week’s Food for Thought – Week 2

ISIS Members Butcher Their Parents

The heinous butchering of parents and relatives has been a frequent practice among extremist groups. The world today has been an eyewitness to many of these acts. The extremists typically lure the young and common man into slaying their parents over ISIS political agenda. The following are examples of such acts. 

Twin Men Butcher Mom to Death and Critically Injure Father and Young Brother

The The Daily Mail and other news networks reported that on the morning of June 25, 2016, the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia woke up to the horrifying news woke up to the horrifying news that twin brothers had butchered their mother and stabbed their father and older brother because they tried to stop them joining ISIS. The twenty-year-old twins, Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni, killed their mother and stabbed their father and brother while in their home, the Saudi Arabian government said. Investigations revealed that they lured their mother to the storeroom and stabbed her several times. The spokesman said the twins “used a cleaver and sharp knives” in the attack. 

Twin Saudi brothers kill their mother in Riyadh

The pair chased their older brother to a rooftop where they stabbed him after they attacked their father. They were both rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The twins then stole a car and fled. They were later arrested about 60 miles from the Riyadh. The crime was also published in al- Arabiya News. 

Al-Alam News (Arabic), reported that such an act was not the first-time children killing their parents, relatives, and neighbors. They stated:

  •    An ISIS member shot his cousin in the province of al-Shamly, Saudi Arabia.  

  •    Another ISIS member killed his father, who reported him to the police for being affiliated with them. As the police forces approached their house, the son murdered the father, while he was shouting, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,” (God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest). 


Can anyone imagine that a Muslim would yell such a decree as he is slaying his Muslim father? The answer is just, no. A legal authority appointed by a state is required, after an exhaustive effort, to issue a verdict on the removal on any soul.

  •    In yet another crime, Al-Alam News said an ISIS member slew his Uncle, Rashed al-Sufian, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for working as a secret service agent for the government. 

  •    The same news source reported that the Jordanian magazine, Sawsanah, reported that an ISIS member shot his father 30 times for refusing to pledge allegiance to an ISIS leader.

According to Inquisitr and Clarion Project, “an Islamic State [ISIS/ISIL] militant has committed a crime against his parents by slaughtering them with a knife in the area of Al Razalani, west of Nineveh, Iraq. His parents had refused to allow his brothers to be recruited to the organization.

In yet another cruel case, the Independent reported that an ISIS militant, Ali Saqr al-Qasem, 20, publicly executed his mother in Raqqa, Syria. ISIS accused her of ‘apostasy,’ on January 8, 2016.  According to The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the exact charge against Ms. al-Qasem, 43, was “inciting her son to leave the Islamic State and escaping together to the outside of Raqqa.”


ISIS militant Ali Saqr al-Qasem publicly executes his own mother in Raqqa, Syria | ZeroCensorship


The report continues to say, “Ali Saqr al-Qasem had reported his mother to his ISIS superiors, who then sentenced her to death and ordered him to kill her.” The Syrian Observatory reported that “hundreds of people turned out to watch Ms. al-Qasem’s execution.” 

It was not mentioned why al-Qasem was given the task of killing his own mother, but the reason the execution took place outside Raqqa’s post office was  that was where Ms. al-Qasem was employed.” For more details about al-Qasm’s criminal act, see The Daily Mail

The Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad on Extremist

Huthayfah ibn al-Yaman reported that Prophet Muhammad has said: 


My worst fear for you is a man who read the Qur’an until he was excited about it, and [thus] was active in
promoting Islam. He left (abandoned) Islam, and turned his back to it; he raised the sword against his
neighbor accusing him of disbelief (shirk).” The narrator said: I asked the Prophet: Oh Messenger of God, who
of them is the disbeliever, the accused or the accuser? He said: “The accuser.” Bukhari


Prophesizing about indiscriminate killing, such as those cited above, the Prophet Muhammad said:

Before The Hour, there will be hurjj. It was said: What is hurjj oh Messenger of God? He replied: “Indiscriminate killing.” Muslim

Prophesizing about murdering, but not knowing why, such as what ISIS and other “Islamists,” are embarking on, the Prophet Muhammad said: 

The Hour of the Hereafter will not come until a time where a murderer does not know why
he killed, and the murdered does not know why was slain. Muslim

It is incredible how the Satanic operation entices people into believing that such malicious acts are ethical and right.  Could it be the manipulation of those who drudge the world in serving their power and ever-rising wealth? The drudging act could likely be one of the answers, especially for guarding the mounts of gold and petroleum dollars they have been and still are hoarding. See our This Week’s Thought, Week 4 for a discussion of a possible conspiracy going on in destroying Islam from within.