Property Rights

Property Rights

Property Rights

Published: 2002

Before Islam, widowed and divorced women were not permitted to remarry. Women in Arabia, like their sisters elsewhere in much of the old world were not allowed to inherit property, and in certain tribes female infanticide was practiced. The Holy Qur’an made a reference to this criminal habit:

And when the female infant is asked for what reason was she killed. Qur’an 91:8

It was not until the advent of Islam, in the early 600 CE, when women were recognized as equal partners to men. Their status and role in the family and society became dignified and rights in inheritance, marriage and divorce were established. Islam teaches that:

Women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a degree (in responsibility) above women. Quran, 2:228

Islam allowed women the right to:
1 Inherit.
2 Make and keep their earnings.
3 Accept marriage and to request a divorce.

Women have the right to inherit wealth and property and to establish and engage in business. Islam gave women equality to men; what the Qur’an tells you and what society imposes on you are two different things. Whatever a man possesses is hers and whatever she possesses is hers as well. What applies to men applies to women in religion, in duty and in relationships.

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