More in Common Than you Think: the Bridge Between Islam and Christianity

More in Common Than you Think: the Bridge Between Islam and Christianity

By: Dr. Bill Baker 

Published: 2000

I About this book “More in Common Than You Think, the Bridge Between Islam and Christianity” efficiently explains what is Islam and answers the following questions: Does Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world, really threaten and oppose the democracies of the west?Are Christians and Muslims headed for an inevitable clash reminiscent of the ancient crusader wars? What common ground or teachings are shared by Islam and Christianity? Can Christians and Muslims live in mutual respect and peace with one another?

“We Muslims And Christians together make up more than half of the world population today. Better understanding, communication and peaceful relations between our communities are not only good, but they are essential for our well being and the well being of the world at large. The present volume is a valuable effort in this direction. I admire Dr. William Baker’s contribution in building the bridges of understanding between Christians and Muslims. I agree with him that we have much more in common than we think or accept.”

-Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, President, The Islamic Society of North America, Plainfield Indiana; Director and Imam of the Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, California.

“The coming century will most surely witness either a coalition or a collision between Islam and Christianity. I have a dream, those positive believers from both religions will find each other, and once seeing each other, and helping each other, can and will write a new history, a new legacy for the world: from collision to a coalition. True believers in God must move our society and our world from compatibility to compatibility; from intolerance to tolerance; positive Christians and Muslims becoming partners in Peace.

I am convinced this book by Dr. Baker will prove to be a significant contribution in bringing Christians and Muslims together to live in peace and mutual respect.”

-Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Founding Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral and television pastor of the worldwide Hour of Power program.

Dr. William Baker, the founder of CAMP, Christians, and Muslims for Peace, is a former college professor of Ancient History and Biblical studies.

He is a member of numerous professional and academic organizations, including the Near East Institute of Archaeology and the Oxford Philosophical Society. Other books by Dr. Baker include: “Theft of a nation,” an examination of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, and “Kashmir: Happy Valley, Valley of Death,” which presents an eyewitness account of the atrocities being carried out against the Muslim people of Kashmir by the Indian occupation forces.

Both books are available from:

Defenders Publications Inc.

P O Box 11134

Las Vegas, Nevada 89111

Letters about the book

Dear Representative,

As concerned citizens of this country, we are pleased to present to you the book, “MORE IN COMMON THAN YOU THINK: THE BRIDGE BETWEEN ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY” by Dr. William Baker.

The book, which is listed by and Barnes and Noble as among their top ten best sellers, presents the common ground shared by the two most significant religions in the world, Islam, and Christianity.

We believe the many commonalities far exceeds the difference between Christians and Muslims and form a solid base to build good community relations between our faiths.The author, Dr. William Baker, a Christian Scholar, has spent nearly thirty years of his life living and studying in various Muslim and Arabic countries and has long envisioned the faithful followers of Jesus and Muhammad living in peace, tolerance, and mutual respect.The followers of Islam and Christianity now comprise nearly half of the world population. We, Christians and Muslims, believe that through greater understanding of both religions, peace and continued progress are assured across America and around the world.The coming new millennium will most surely record either a collision or a coalition between the members of our respective religions. We believe now is the time to form a lasting bond of friendship, tolerance, and understanding between ourselves. We hope that you will read the following book and will then promote and support various opportunities for peace between Christians and Muslims around the world.

We would value any comments or questions you may have. Thank you and may God bless you for helping us spread the word of peace and understanding. Dear Dr. Baker: This letter is to express my gratitude for your remarkable book, More in Common than you Think, the Bridge Between Islam and Christianity. For such a real and eye-catching title, I anxiously read your book from cover to cover in one sitting. It deeply touched my heart. The subject matter and the information it provides is indeed timely and relevant. This book is much needed for our time. As the west faces and profoundly suffers from the misrepresentation of the religion of Islam, your book comes as an excellent means of presenting an accurate picture of Islam and Muslims and in providing many common points between Islam and Christianity.

What makes this presentation extremely convincing is the fact that it is coming from a respected Christian scholar. To help prevent a collision between Muslims and Christians, and help change the public-opinion towards Islam and Muslims, I believe your book is a useful tool in America and the world.I would like to tell you about two events which confirmed my belief in the critical role of your book in America. The first event was with my supervisor at work, to whom I had given your book. After he read it, he approached me as a whole new person with a new understanding and respect for Islam. He thanked me for the book and told how impressed he is with its truth and valuable information. He then asked me where to buy it. When I said him it was not yet available in any bookstore or library, he was disgusted and responded: “This book should be read not by every in America only but by everyone in the world.”

I shall never forget the look on his face concerning the limited ability to obtain and advertise such a valuable work.The second event involved one of my co-workers whose view of Muslims and Islam was entirely negative. I offered him your book and asked him to read some of it. Though skeptical, he did accept my offer. When I gave him the book while waiting at the airport for our different flights for different destinations, I expected him to glance at it and return it to me. Instead, however, he looked it over and continued to read it for the next two hours. In a somewhat apologetic manner, before his departure, he thanked me for the book and said: “This book has taught me things I never knew before. It has changed my belief in Islam.”

Your work has successfully brought people closer together and has made the possible enemies friends. I hope and pray that Allah rewards you greatly and in abundance for such a blessed, precious and beautiful book. Peace be with you.


F. Burhan, Director,

Center for Islamic Studies

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