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Legacy of Peace Documentary Series

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Part 1: Introduction to Islam – Common Ground

Lesson Plan

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Revelation, the rise of Islam 3:06-7:07

Chapter 2: Continuity of the messages of God

Chapter 3: The Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Chapter 4: Muslims Under Torture and Execution

Chapter 5: Peaceful approaches to Violence

Chapter 6: Collaborations between Muslims and Christians

Chapter 7: Christians and Jews in the Qur’an

Chapter 8: The siege of Muslims and the genuine Christian act

Part 2: Outstanding Achievements Through Peace

Chapter 1: Prophet Mohammad’s endeavor and journeys

Chapter 2: The Constitution of Medina

Chapter 3: The Meccans attack the Muslims in Medina

Chapter 4: No compulsion in religion

Chapter 5: Interpretation of the Verses of the Holy Qur’an

Chapter 6: The meaning of the word “Jihad”

Chapter 7: War is dreadful

Chapter 8: Muhammad utilizes social customs

Part 3: Building on Rationality

Chapter 1: Denouncing terrorism

Chapter 2: The purpose of Islamic law and the penal system

Chapter 3: Diplomacy and communication

Chapter 4: Fraternity of all People

Chapter 5: The Muslim leader Saladin and the Crusaders

Chapter 6: The status of women in Islam

Chapter 7: Limitations of polygamy

Part 4: Muslims’ Contributions – Faith at Work

Chapter 1: Early Muslims’ conbtributions to the world

Chapter 2: Establishing world-wide trade

Chapter 3: Ship building, navigation and geography

Chapter 4: Invention of the check and municipal administration

Chapter 5: The birth of the sciences and the Renaissance

Chapter 6: Islam and the West

Chapter 7: Working together and the rational for coexistance

Chapter 8: The Legacy of Peace

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