Legacy of Peace

Legacy of Peace Documentary

For the First Time in History,

this “Legacy of Peace” video documentary, uniquely explores the true nature of Islam and unfolds many of its inner-dimensions. It dispels many myths and brushes off the ignorance towards this faith.

Listen to the experts from the world’s three major religions with chronological Time-lines, CGI Animated Maps and Graphics, Footage featuring scenes from around the world and Original works of art, explain:

• Islam’s peaceful concepts and principles as the events of the rise of Islam unfold in the early 600 AD.

• With rationality and wisdom, how Prophet Muhammad established peace and uprooted violence.

• The grounds behind the marriages of Prophet Muhammad.

Observe the many scientific contributions of early Muslims that were the catalyst of the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. Find out how true faith, rationality and love can bring people together and create a more conducive environment for all.

About the Legacy of Peace Documentary

Filled with facts, history and scholarly presentations, Legacy of Peace documentary is a pure concentration on the inner-dimensions of Islam, Muslims partake in this civilization and the rational for the co-existence among all faiths and all people.

Filled with facts, history and scholarly presentations, Legacy of Peace documentary is a pure concentration on the inner-dimensions of Islam, Muslims partake in this civilization and the rational for co-existence among all faiths and all people.

Pleasure to watch, Legacy of Peace provides much needed education to remove the darkness befalling Islam after the tragic event of 9/11.

Here is a partial list of its contents:

– Basic belief; meaning of submission; the early collaboration between Muslims and Christians and Muslims and Jews; the Revelation “read” and the planefield of learning;

– Prophet Muhammad’s mission (obtaining: knowledge, wisdom and Inner-self- purification); People of the Book; Sirah (biography) of the Prophet; Shari’ah, a community law and protection; the Prophet’s rationality; the Constitution of Madinah and urban development of the city of medina;

– State vs. religion; denouncing terrorism, eradication of violence, Jihad and war; peace and mercy are at the root of every principle; reconciliation and diplomacy; Muhammad’s marriages; the penal system;

– Saladin and the Crusaders; liberation and dignity of women; polygamy;

– Establishment of worldwide trade; invention of the clock, the camera and the check; optics and mathematics; ship building, navigation and geography; municipal administration and the fraternity of all people

The Director and Producer
The film is directed by Mr. Faysal Burhan and produced by the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, IAIS, Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Burhan is the author of the book, The Solution to the Muslim Crisis and a co-founder of IAIS and an Electrical Engineer by profession. Inspired by his deep religious faith Mr. Burhan wrote the script and crafted the documentary film.

How It All Started
Although a documentary expressing the dignity and ingenuity of Islam was due long before the horrific event of 9/11, but the need for making one was a must after 9/11, 2001.

The decision to make a documentary on genuine Islam started during an Eid luncheon, when Mr. Burhan discussed the idea with Mr. Donovon Taylor, a videographer student, who was filming the events of the Eid.

Both agreed and a deal was drafted between them, whereby Mr. Burhan would provide the script and editing equipment, in return Mr. Taylor will develop the film. This was in December 2001.

After the equipment was purchased, it was transported to an old shaggy small trailer where Mr. Taylor lived.  Later on, it was discovered that the place was not suitable for the equipment. The next place was a car garage at Mr. Burhan’s house, where the documentary was finalized and developed.

Major Setbacks
As beginners producing two-hour documentary film there was many ups and downs throughout. The worst of these setbacks was the time Mr. Taylor, half way into production, was unable to continue his job for some legal issues concerning his private life. The project then was at a limbo. Mr. Burhan had to hire videographers, editors, animators, voice- over artists, etc. to finish the job, yet there was no budget considering all of this.

Another difficulty Mr. Burhan had to face was the replacement of 13 minutes of background footage from the film, The Message, for copyright issue after Mr. Akkad’s death during the horrific terrorist bombing in Amman, Jordan in November 2005. Prior to this incident, Mr. Burhan and Mr. Akkad had verbal understanding to use the footage.

Thus, for the next several months, Mr. Burhan was searching for an alternative background until he found a good artist, AFAFA in Syria, who would draw for him the backgrounds. For the next 12 months, the artist drew nearly 125 original work of art paintings depicting the early history of Islam.

After five year labor of love at the cost of over $400,000, the film was finally available. The funding was provided by Burhan’s family and friends.

Easy and Pleasant
Legacy of Peace documentary comes face to face with most of the “Islamic” subjects pertinent to this day. “Fear of the unknown” would be greatly reduced as Islam and Muslim’s topics are brought to light.

A pleasure to watch, easy to view, the two-hour documentary is made into four 30 minutes parts. Each part is further divided into chapters; easy for classrooms use, policy makers, public and private sectors, and for all people with all backgrounds.

The film presents 18 experts from the worlds three major religions and chronological Time-lines, CGI Animated Maps and Graphics, Footage featuring scenes from around the world and Original Works of Art. Here is the name list of these imminent leaders and scholars:

Robert Schuller, PhD, Sheik Salah Koftaru, PhD, John Esposito, PhD, Paul Tunkle, PhD, Muzamil Siddiqi, PhD, Rabbi Reuven Firestone, PhD, Hassan Hathout, M.D, Rabbi Ira Book, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Ingrid Mattson, PhD, Imam Basher Arafat, PhD, Kasem Khaleel, M.D, Amir Husain, PhD, Afaf Morsot, PhD, Moustafa al-Qazwini, PhD, Nancy Lydick PhD and Sharon Kugler.

Documentary Guest Speaker’s Images

Paul Tunkle, PhD

John Esposito, PhD

Sh. Salah Koftaru, PhD

Robert Schuller, PhD

Rabbi Ira Book

Hassan Hathout, M.D.

Nancy Lidick, PhD

center;Muzamil Siddiqi, PhD

Imam Basher Arafat, PhD

Ingrid Mattson, PhD

Rabbi Reuven Firestone, PhD

Amir Husain, PhD

Sharon Kugler

Afaf Marsot, PhD

Paul Tunkle, PhD

Kasem Khaleel, M.D.

Documentary’s Contents

Part1: Introduction to Islam

Common Ground, Collaboration, The beginning of the Revelation and the rise of Islam, Continuity of the messages of God, The Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims under torture and execution, Peaceful approaches to violence, Collaboration between Muslims and Christians, Christians and Jews in the Qur’an, and The siege of Muslims and a genuine Christian act.​

Part 2: Outstanding Achievements through Peace

Muhammad’s endeavor and journeys, The Constitution of Medina, The social and urban development of the city State vs. religion, The Meccans attack the Muslims in Medina, No compulsion in religion, Interpretation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an, The meaning of the word “Jihad”, War is dreadful / Reconciliation and diplomacy, and Muhammad’s marriages.​

Part 3: Building on Rationality

Denouncing terrorism, The rationale behind the Islamic Law and the penal system, Diplomacy and communication, Fraternity of all people, The Muslim leader, Saladin and the Crusaders and, status of women in Islam and Limitation of polygamy

Part 4: Muslim Contributions / Faith at Work

Early Muslims’ contributions to the world, Invention of the Clock, Establishing world wide trade, Ship building, navigation and geography, Invention of the check and municipal administration, The birth of the sciences and the Renaissance, Islam and the West, Rationale for coexistence and The Legacy of Peace.

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