Faysal Burhan

Faysal Burhan

About the Author

Faysal S. Burhan, co-founder and director of the Center for Islamic Studies (CIS), formerly, Institute
of Arabic and Islamic Studies, IAIS.

Mr. Burhan has over 50 years of experience in Islamic work and Da’wah in Syria, and many Islamic centers and institutions across the continent of America. Mr. Burhan has been taking part of educational programs reaching out to organizations and institutions across America.

Some of these institutions include, the National Council for the Social Studies, American Library Association, California Council for the Social Studies, Texas Council for the Social Studies, American Theological Library Association, Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies and more.

Mr. Burhan is the author of “The Solution to the Muslim Crisis,” and the script writter and director of the documentary film, “Legacy of Peace.”

Mr. Burhan received seven years of Islamic tarbiyah (education, orientation and training) at Abu an-Nour Institute in Damascus, Syria. Abu an-Nour Institute ran under the guidance of its founder, the late Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheik Ahmad Kuftaro.By profession, Mr. Burhan is an Electrical Engineer working in the area of aerospace industry.