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CIS Mission Statement:

The Center for Islamic Studies, CIS, DBA Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (IAIS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 in California, USA. CIS is a voice from the mainstream Islam presenting its genuine nature and is dedicated to bring about a more conducive environment for all. CIS is committed to serve peace and promote common grounds shared by the faiths of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism as well as other religious institutions and communities.


Dear Sir:
The mission statement of IAIS is refreshing, and one that is fully in keeping with my desires as a Christian. There simply MUST be a higher degree of mutual understanding amongst peoples. While we may disagree vigorously with each others theological points of view, it is important that we respect them, and choose to agree to disagree. Unfortunately, we cannot even get to that point if we don’t understand each other. So, I am trying to educate myself on the Islamic reality to contribute my one grain of sand towards improved relations between all monotheistic religions.


My name is Fouzia Muhammad, editor at OnIslam/ReadingIslam, and I'm writing to take your permission to republish some amazing articles from your website with mentioning the source. May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts to serve Islam. I'm Greatly waiting for your reply. Thank you.

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I happened to come across your website the other day, and I have to say that its about time that somebody finally responded to misunderstandings about Islam that everybody seems to have these days. I think your website should be put on every blog site mash'Allah. Keep doing what you are doing, may Allah bless you, ameen.



Dear Sir;
I enjoyed very much reading your article "Saladin (Salahu ad-Deen)" at the following site: 


Thank you very much,

Dennis Buerge

Salams Faysal,

I was eagerly reading your well-written articles; they are really informative. Please find the two articles we have published below, Thank you.

Quranic Verses Misinterpreted as Teaching Violence

Wisdom: A Fresh Look at Islam 

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Thank you for your attention:
Congratulations on your website which is informative and enlightening.

Robbie Morse

I was browsing through your website islamic-study.org and I found it very helpful. I would like to order a copy of the book "The Way of the Truth" By Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro.

Thank you in Advance,

Dear Br. Faysal,
Jazak Allah Khair in abundance for sharing very valuable article - was salam


Kalim Farooki

Dear Sir,
Few months ago I requested a copy of "Reading the Muslim Mind" and I have never been more anxious to attain the knowledge you write about in your book. I have dedicated just about every waking minute to better understanding Islam and living by the wisdom I find in the covers of the Quran. I am in the process of reading the book a second time. Once I get it back from friends that wanted to read the material.