A Refreshing Neurologist’s Look at the Sunni Shea Issue

A Refreshing Neurologist's Look at the Sunni Shea Issue

A Neurologist Refreshing Look at the Sunni Shea Issue

By: Dr. Mohamed Ghilan

Published: 2016

Often times looking into an issue from a different perspective, a whole new understanding of the matter that may change its outlook and the way one acts upon it. Dr. Mohamed Ghilan, with a PhD in neurological science, has a neural assessment, and perhaps a more realistic one on the Sunni Shea problem.

Dr. Ghilan does not see the drastic uproar in accusing each other in Takfeer (heresy). Such differences in certain minor theological principles, are not belief related, and could have been normal acts driven by the social and political environment of the 7th century. Infuriating the Sunni Shea question can only be detrimental for todays’ Muslims.

Click here to see Dr. Ghilan’s talk in a video. 

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