Subject Categories

Judeo-Christian Titles

Distortion of Islamic Doctrines - Who is ISIS - The Foreigner Policy of Islam - Saladin

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Islam Core Subjects

Women-Hood Status - Planning in Islam - Wisdom - Inner-self Purification - Innovation

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Islam's Contributions

The Scientific Method - Algebra - Pharmacy - Philosophy - The Golden Age - World Wide Trade

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Scholarly Perspectives

The Ideal Society - Qur’anic Concepts of the Ethics of Warfare - Understanding Sharia

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Notable Media

Zionism and Wahhabism: Twin Cancersen - Is Blasphemy Punishable by Death in Islam?

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Quotes on Islam

Quotes about Prophet Muhammad - Quotes on the Islamic Civilization

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Legacy of Peace Documentary

For the first time in history, this “Legacy of Peace” video documentary, uniquely explores the true nature of Islam and unfolds many of its inner-dimensions.
It dispels many myths and brushes off the ignorance towards this faith.
Listen to the experts from the world’s three major religions with chronological Time-lines, CGI Animated Maps and Graphics, Footage featuring scenes from around the world and Original works of art, explain:

• Islam’s peaceful concepts and principles as the events of the rise of Islam unfold in the early 600 AD.
• With rationality and wisdom, how Prophet Muhammad established peace and uprooted violence.
• The grounds behind the marriages of Prophet Muhammad.
Find out how true faith, rationality and love can bring people together and create a more conducive environment for all.

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